Activity Packets

Includes different informational packets with specialized offerings to a variety of audiences. Feel free to download and use as many of these packets as you wish, and share copies with others.

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  • Theme & Disability Education Activities for Children and Adults 
  • Arts Program
  • Building Middle School and High School Volunteer Programs
  • Essay Contest
  • Increasing Awareness in the Classroom and with Youth Groups
  • Increasing Awareness Through Athletics and Physical Education
  • Mayor's Story Hour and Library Display 
  • Awareness Day
  • Speaker Packet 
  • Working with Places of Worship 
  • Cultivating Media Placement
  • Increasing Awareness Through Your Business 
  • Increasing Awareness About Community Access Issues and the ADA 
  • Increasing Cultural Awareness and Inclusion 
  • Mayoral Proclamation
  • Media Public Service Announcements 
  • Recognition Awards
  • Legislative Forum 
  • Voter Participation Guide 
  • Volunteerism as Advocacy
  • Organizing a Book Club
  • Making Your Community a Livable Community 
  • Responding to Disability Questionnaire